Micaree OT Cream 120g (Suitable for All Skin Type)

RM 188.00

A Cream that's let our skin rise in second!
One touch brighter and build your perfect skin.

Micaree OT Cream contains a variety of moisturizing essences of plants, forming a breathable water-locking film on the skin surface to nourish the skin and the skin friendly texture closely adheres to the skin, fills the uneven rough skin, smoothers the uneven pores, and easily hides the pores and flaws. Effectively protect your skin from pollution and various environmental insults, promotes smooth and delicate skin, create a long-lasting shining and nude makeup.

Improve Your Skin Dullness And Brightening Conditions Internally And Externally

What OT Cream can do for you ?
Skin Dullness, Rough Skin, Wrinkles, Acne Blemish, Rough Pores.


★South Korea Titanium Dioxide
( Strengthening skin sun protection to prevent photo aging)
★Lin Lan Run Lu( Patent Ingredients)
( Enchance the ability of water retention & water storage)
★Tocopheryl acetate from Switzerland
(Vitamin E that's antioxidants to prevent aging)
( Called “sugar of life”: Moisturizing lock water function)
★Bisabolo From Germany
(Anti-inflammatory ,promote wounds healing,anti-bacteria)
★Panthenol From England
(Mainly used for Moisturizing and skin conditioner)
★Precious plant anti-allergic compound


Micaree懒人必备养白霜 换脸只需一分钟! 又懒又想美的女人必备的圣品之一

一支养白霜 五合一功效养白霜=保湿面霜+BB霜+妆前乳+隔离乳🍃 不需要打针吃药也可以拥有水光的效果 打美白针需要一大笔资金去maintain 吃内服美白丸白副作用伤身体! 选择micaree可以让你保养全身肌肤 自己看视频就知道 我们的效果多么的牛逼👍🏻❤️

Micaree 优势:
改善蜡黄暗沉肤色 均匀肤色
肌肤水润度 美白透亮度 打造肌肤水光
清薄舒爽 0粉感 犹如瞬间让皮肤披上一层薄纱
补水养肤 滋养肌肤

Micaree 成分:

不是每一款防晒都天然无刺激, 以上成分你们可以上网看看资料都是敏感肌肤可以使用的,而且Micaree能够专门针对敏感肌肤美颜的同时能够增强肌肤抗敏抗炎还有抗氧化的能力,可以让你们的肌肤更健康。

MICAREE 的核心成份之一

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